• I'm Not Good

    You know i'm not good

    but you won't see

    you still believe in me

    in the girl you think i am

    but i'm not


    so everything i do for you

    it's not free

    it cost a lot

    but you don't know yet

    you don't know

    I only do this because love

    because you're everything i want

    and i'll have...


    you know i'm not good

    but you persist

    you want to see in me...

    the angel

    the girl who don't visit the shell


    i'm in trouble

    even if you see who i am

    you don't want to believe

    but i do this 'cause one day you'll leave

    i can't accept this

    i won't let you do this

    so i give you all i can give you

    i give you all

    and you think i'm nice


    you know i'm not good

    you don't want to see the girl

    i am...i am...

    the demon

    behind the sweet regard

    You just see the sweet part in me

    front of you i'm so sweet...


    but i'm not so good

    i've a trouble

    deeper...really deeper in me

    i'm addict

    and only your sweets lights eyes could change

    who i'm really

    who i am...



    me demander pas comment c'est sorti mais c'est sorti, comme ca tout d'un coup. alors voila...je vous fais partager...

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